Green Rush Live!: Chatting with Danny Moses at the Green Market Summit

Welcome back to a very special episode of the Green Rush! Back in early September, Lewis sat down for a conversation with friend of the pod, Danny Moses of “The Big Short” fame while at the Green Market Summit in New York City. For those who may not know, the Green Market Summit is a cannabis investor series put on by Deb Borchardt of the Green Market Report, another recurring guest on the Green Rush Podcast.

If you listened to the initial conversation between Anne, Lewis and Danny you know it was a doozy, and this one is no less interesting. In the conversation, Lewis and Danny chat in front of a live audience about where we are today as an economy, Danny’s process for evaluating potential investment targets in the cannabis space, his thoughts on the some of the largest deals in the sector and more.

Also, this is our first live recording, so we know that the audio isn’t the best but ask that you give us a little leeway if the sound is a bit wonky at times. Enjoy!

Danny Moses has extensive experience with financial markets having worked on Wall Street since 1991 and holding a variety of positions including municipal bond analyst, institutional sell-side broker, trader, and hedge fund manager. The book and later movie “The Big Short” features the character of Danny Moses and a few others who were able to successfully navigate the volatility of the financial markets during the formation of the housing bubble in 2004.

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This episode was hosted by Lewis Goldberg at the Green Market Summit in NYC.

Special thanks to Nick Opich, our Producer, and our Program Director Shea Gunther at Marijuana Today

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