Mike Tyson, Heavy Weight Champion and Founder of Tyson Ranch

Mike Tyson, the legendary heavyweight champion, cultural icon and now cannabis entrepreneur, is this week’s guest on The Green Rush! Iron Mike was larger than life during his boxing career in the 90s until personal and professional failures rerouted the course of his life. Now, 10-15 years after his athletic career ended, Mike has pivoted to become an entertainer and entrepreneur, starring in blockbuster Hollywood films and launching his own cannabis company, Tyson Ranch. 

For this week’s episode, we flew Lewis out to Los Angeles to meet with Mike and his business partner, Rob Hickman, to talk about Mike’s boxing career, the pair’s new cannabis venture and Mike’s experimentation with psychedelics. In their conversation, Mike opens up about what drew him to cannabis, his dreams of building a ‘cannabis resort’ and what it’s like to be a businessman forging his own path in the “Wild West” of cannabis. 

This was a deep and soulful interview with Mike and one that we’re excited to share with the world so don’t sit back, lean forward and enjoy!

About Tyson Ranch

Tyson Ranch is a cannabis company founded by Mike Tyson. Consistency and quality are at the core of Tyson Ranch with the mission to make cannabis universally understood and accessible. Through select partnerships with esteemed growers, Tyson Ranch proudly supports the industries very best, bringing you ‘Better Cannabis’ in every single package. The company’s commitment to the plant and passion for exotic genetics ensure that it delivers clean, quality, premium cannabis with every purchase.

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