Mitch Baruchowitz, Managing Partner of Merida Capital Partners

Mitch Baruchowitz, Founder and Managing Partner of Merida Capital Partners, sits down with the Green Rush team to discuss how private equity and venture capital are driving the rapid development of the cannabis industry.

Merida Capital has a major presence in the industry as one of the leading (if not THE leading) private equity investment firms in the cannabis space. Since 2012, Mitch and his team have been on the ground floor, investing early in a number of well-known companies in cannabis. Mitch has watched the industry progress and evolve throughout the years, providing him with a unique perspective of the space.

Lewis and Anne spoke with Mitch about what he looks for when identifying a potential investment opportunity, why he thinks there will be significant change in how major MSOs conduct business over the next year and who he thinks may follow Bruce Linton as the next CEO to get the axe.

Don’t sit back, lean forward and enjoy!

Mitch Baruchowitz, Managing Partner of Merida Capital Partners 

Mr. Baruchowitz has nine years of experience in the legal cannabis industry and is considered a national expert in the diverse licensing regimes governing each state. His cannabis career began in assisting Colorado-based legal cultivators to structure state compliant capital transactions and analyzing the legal cannabis market in order to develop an optimal business strategy for their operations. After several years of work with Colorado companies, he co-founded Theraplant, LLC  where he architected the highest scoring application in Connecticut’s highly selective licensing process. In 2014, he cofounded LeafLine Labs, LLC, which was one of only two Minnesota companies to win a license to cultivate and dispense cannabis in extracted form. Mr. Baruchowitz is also a founder of Maryland-based Grow West MD, one of 15 companies selected for a cultivation and dispensing license. He has also founded a Pennsylvania-based cultivator that is in the pre-operational licensing stage.

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This episode was hosted by Lewis Goldberg and Anne Donohoe of KCSA Strategic Communications.

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