Troy Dayton, Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder of the Arcview Group

Troy Dayton, Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder of the Arcview Group is this week’s guest on The Green Rush.

Founded in 2010 with the help of Steve D’Angelo of Harborside fame, Arcview serves as the largest collection of high net worth investors who focus on putting money into early stage cannabis companies. Since its launch, very nearly every major cannabis company from the U.S. has presented to Arcview members and raised capital from the group. Troy’s journey in the space started long before the launch of Arcview as he (alongside Kris Krane and Kris Lotlikar and a few others) helped start Students for Sensible Drug Policy back in the 1990s.

Our hosts will sit down with Troy to explore his journey from activist to investor in the space and get his take on some of the biggest stories facing the industry. We’ll also touch on the evolution of Arcview from its origins to today, Troy’s thoughts on the lack of M&A activity in 2019 and whether we will see significant change in 2020 and what he thinks is coming down the pike in terms of federal policy changes to cannabis. Troy’s story is unique and this episode won’t be one to miss.

Don’t sit back, lean forward and enjoy!

Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of The Arcview Group, the first and largest group of investors dedicated to the cannabis sector which he co-founded in 2010 with fellow pioneer Steve DeAngelo. Arcview has partnered with 1600+ high net worth and institutional investors to place more than $275 million behind 215+ Arcview-curated cannabis deals.  Since 2012, Arcview has been the top publisher of cannabis market research, data and analysis, making them the most quoted company in the sector.

In 2015, Arcview helped launch a partner business accelerator, CanopyBoulder and in 2019 Arcview launched the Arcview Member Managed Fund. Forbes named Arcview among the top 5 financial firms in the sector and Business Insider named them to their top 12 cannabis venture firms. Dayton is also chairman of the board of the Marijuana Policy Project and was formerly its chief fundraiser and among its first volunteers when it was founded in 1995. He is a founding and current board member of the National Cannabis Industry Association and he co-founded of Students for Sensible Drug Policy in 1998, which is now on over 300 campuses.

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