Adam Orens and Sal Barnes of MPG Consulting

Adam Orens and Sal Barnes from MPG Consulting (formerly the Marijuana Policy Group), are this week’s guests on The Green Rush! MPG Consulting is an internationally recognized cannabis and hemp corporate strategy and policy advisory firm that has completed strategic projects in 27 states and 7 countries for some of the industry’s leading MSOs, regulators, ancillary businesses and investment firms. MPG enables clients to make informed decisions through strategic advisement, research, and analysis. 

The group headed by Adam and Sal has helped shape the policy decisions of some of the biggest states around the regulations of medical and adult use cannabis programs and helped major MSOs get their start.  They write the rules, they work with the C-Level in the industry…and are cool guys too boot. 

Lewis and Anne sat down with Adam and Sal about the firm’s whitepaper on how states can leverage Cannabis Municipal Bonds and why this is relevant now during the COVID-19 crisis, the evolution of the hemp marketplace and what we should be expecting going forward, as well as their processes working both with licensed operators and the regulatory bodies that oversee them. During a time of so much uncertainty, Adam and Sal are a must listen if you are interested in what the future of the sector could look like in a post-COVID world. 

So don’t sit back, lean forward and enjoy! 

Adam Orens – Founder and Managing Director

Adam Orens is the founder of MPG. Adam has 13 years of experience in economic and public policy consulting, including market analysis, public finance, and regional economic analysis. Adam has completed numerous studies that analyze the relationships between markets, demographics, and government policy. Adam has advised numerous early-stage cannabis businesses in their formation, and strategic and business planning. Adam has also helped governments implement successful cannabis regulatory systems in Colorado, Canada, Florida, and California. In addition to Adam’s regulated cannabis qualifications, he and MPG  have completed complex consulting engagements for businesses and governments in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and the Americas.

Salmeron Barnes – Managing Director

Sal is a Managing Director at the MPG Consulting responsible for the growth and strategy of the firm. In this role, he has helped numerous early-stage companies, established enterprises, institutional capital firms, and Native American Tribes create and execute effective cannabis and hemp strategies ranging from business planning to operational execution. While at MPG, Sal has also delivered economic and public policy consulting projects, including market analysis, public finance, and regional economic analysis across North America, Latin America, and Europe. Currently, he is tasked with assisting the state of Colorado’s Agriculture Commissioner in developing its hemp management program (the CHAMP). He joined MPG from Oliver Wyman where he worked as a C-Level strategy consultant for technology and energy companies. He has extensive experience working with Cannabis, Regulatory, Technology, and Startup organizations all over the world.

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This episode was hosted by Anne Donohoe and Lewis Goldberg of KCSA Strategic Communications.

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