Dan Muller, Founder and CEO of Aeropay

Dan Muller, founder and CEO of Aeropay, is this week’s special guest on The Green Rush. Launched in 2017, AeroPay is a financial technology company founded whose alternative payments platform gives cannabis businesses the ability to accept digital payments both in-person and online. The AeroPay platform works by enabling bank-to-bank payments – through what the company calls ‘smart bank transfers’ – between cannabis businesses and their customers or other businesses. 

Today, most cannabis businesses still rely on cash because they are considered a high-risk payments category in the U.S. due to the illegal status of marijuana at the federal level. Most mainstream banks and payment networks don’t want to participate, but there are many companies like AeroPay that are willing to take the chance to support payments in this industry. 

Our hosts Anne and Nick chat with Dan about the issues and challenges cannabis businesses face when dealing in cash, AeroPay’s most recent funding round, how decriminalization under a potential Biden administration could impact the payments sector and Dan’s outlook for the future of banking and payments in the space. With 11 adult-use states currently and four more voting on this issue in the upcoming election, the financial side of this industry is a fast-moving target. So we’re glad to have Dan on the show today to talk about this timely topic and how he’s planning to get ahead of some of these big anticipated changes. 

So don’t sit back, lean forward!  

Daniel Muller, CEO and Founder of AeroPay

Daniel Muller is the CEO & Founder of AeroPay, a financial technology company whose alternative payments platform gives cash reliant cannabis businesses the ability to accept digital payments from their customers both in-person and online. Prior to starting AeroPay, Daniel spent 10+ years in digital product innovation most recently at GPShopper (acquired by Synchrony Financial), where he oversaw the design and development of over 300 web and mobile applications for large scale Fortune 500 companies. Dan founded AeroPay in 2017 with the goal of simplifying payments for owners and operators in all industries and verticals. He is passionate about helping under-served businesses and markets through financial technology and innovation.

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This episode was hosted by Anne Donohoe and Nick Opich of KCSA Strategic Communications.

Special thanks to our Program Director Shea Gunther.

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