2022 Cannabis and Psychedelics Kickoff!

Welcome to the Green Rush, a KCSA Strategic Communications Production, and a weekly conversation hosted by Anne Donohoe and Nick Opich.

Each episode we talk with the most interesting, influential, people in cannabis and psychedelic industries and this week our Anne and Nick are flying solo in the studio to take a look at the year ahead for the psychedelic and cannabis spaces. 

2022 is sure to be another transformational year for these two rapidly evolving industries and Anne and Nick explore what they expect to see including the continued expansion of access to psychedelic therapies, new data that will show the efficacy of these treatments for conditions like PTSD, addiction and more as well as expectations on M&A and consolidation across both industries. 

With 2022 also serving as an election year, Anne and Nick explore how the upcoming state and federal elections will play a role and how much ground the Democrats need to make up before potentially ceding these issues to the Republicans. 

So sit back and enjoy our conversation to kick off 2022!  

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This episode was hosted by Anne Donohoe and Nick Opich of KCSA Strategic Communications. 

Special thanks to our Program Director Shea Gunther.

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