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Sébastien St-Louis, CEO and Co-Founder of HEXO Corp.

Sebastien St-Louis, the CEO and Co-Founder of HEXO Corp is this week’s guest on The Green Rush. HEXO is one of Canada’s largest LPs and a leader in the race to capture the estimated $250 billion global market. Recently the company joined other major players like Aurora and Canopy on the NYSE and inked a deal with MolsonCoors Canada to produce cannabis infused beverages, set to hit Canadian shelves this December. 

Lewis is joined by Nick for this week’s conversation with Sebastien as we sit down with him to learn more about how HEXO is preparing for the coming consumables marketplace in Canada, discuss how CannTrust’s issues have affected (or not affected) how other LPs are operating, and what the long-term future of the Canadian cannabis market really looks like.

Don’t sit back, lean forward and enjoy!

Sébastien St-Louis, CEO and Co-Founder of HEXO Corp. 

Sébastien St-Louis is an entrepreneur with strong leadership abilities, financial acumen and operational expertise. Sébastien has wide-ranging business experience in manufacturing, distribution, trade finance and commercial lending. He has advised Canadian business owners and CEOs across multiple industry sectors, while structuring and closing $200 million in financing to support their export and growth initiatives.

Sébastien co-founded HEXO Corp. with one goal in mind: to create a world-class company based on the highest standards of product quality and safety. Since 2013, he has secured more than $260 million dollars in financing for the company. His leadership has been instrumental in navigating the company through regulatory, financing and start-up challenges on route to becoming the only significant licensed cannabis producer in Quebec and, upon completion of two fully-funded expansion projects currently underway, one of the largest in Canada. Sébastien holds an MBA in Finance from the Université du Québec à Montréal and completed his Bachelor of Arts (Economics) from the University of Ottawa in 18 months.

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