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Ken Alston, CEO of Hydroponics, Inc

Ken Alston, CEO of Hydroponics, Inc., a premier provider of global agricultural supplies, logistics, and procurement for large scale, commercial farms is this week’s guest on The Green Rush.   

At its core, Hydroponics makes life easier for cultivators by streamlining the cannabis supply chain. Working with cultivators to decrease supply, logistics, and procurement expenses through their best-in-class agricultural solutions, Ken and his team allow companies to better focus their time on increasing revenue and developing their brand.

Our hosts sat down with Ken at the Cannabis World Business Conference and Expo in Los Angeles to discuss the company’s business model, how companies can fill in the gaps within its supply chain and what the future of cannabis cultivation will look like as cheaper grow alternatives in Latin American become more commonplace.

Don’t sit back, lean forward and enjoy!

Ken Alston, Chief Executive Officer

As the CEO of Hydroponics, Inc., Ken oversees the growth and success of the Company’s strategies and business operations. Since acquiring the Company in 2018, his management team has expanded Hydroponics, Inc.’s geographic footprint and customer base while providing best-in-class agricultural solutions and analytics for many well-known farms in the Western US and Canada. Previously, Ken was Executive Chairman of Eventide Risk Management, one of the most successful search funds since inception of the asset class, as well as the CEO of MedVision, recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in California. Ken also serves as a periodic lecturer on entrepreneurship at the University of Southern California. Ken holds an MA from Columbia University and a BA from Southern Methodist University. 

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This episode was hosted by Lewis Goldberg and Anne Donohoe of KCSA Strategic Communications. 

Special thanks to our Executive Producer Nick Opich and Program Director Shea Gunther at Marijuana Today

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