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MJ Biz Con Part Two with David Kretzmann, Bill Peters, Annie Graf and Nick Opich

Welcome back to the Green Rush!  This week we have Part Two of our special broadcast from the floor of the Marijuana Business Conference in Las Vegas. At the mid-November conference, Lewis and Anne took to Podcaster’s Row to chat with a number of guests to discuss the growth of the conference, the excitement of the industry as a whole and get the low down on what’s coming up next for the burgeoning business of cannabis.

For Part Two, we first have Lewis and Anne’s conversation with David Kretzmann, an Analyst/Investor with The Motley Fool – an investment news site designed to educate, amuse and enrich readers and help them make better financial decisions. As cannabis has grown from being a strictly illegal commodity to the fastest growing industry in the U.S., David has been one of the leading financial analysts looking at the space and helping the Motley Fool community of investors understand whether it makes sense for them to jump into the industry and what companies they should be watching.

In the second half of the podcast, Lewis and Anne sit down with Bill Peters, reporter for Investor’s Business Daily – a financial news site providing ongoing support, research and news to help investors make more informed decisions. Formerly a general business reporter, Bill’s primary focus in the last year has shifted to cannabis due to the growth of the industry, the legalization of recreational cannabis in California and the way the industry has excited investors across North America.

To wrap the episode, Lewis and Anne invite KCSA colleagues Annie Graf and Nick Opich into the booth to talk about what their seeing from the industry and the overall growth of Marijuana Business Conference.


David started investing in stocks when he was 12 years old and has been a Fool ever since. He is a graduate of Berea College as well as the Motley Fool’s Analyst Development Program, currently serving as an analyst in Rule Breakers and Supernova.

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This episode was hosted by Lewis Goldberg and Anne Donohoe of KCSA Strategic Communications at MJ Biz Con in Las Vegas.

Special thanks to our Producer Nick Opich and Program Director Shea Gunther at Marijuana Today

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