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Dr. Jonathan Rothbard, CEO, Chief Scientific Officer and co-founder of Katexco Pharmaceuticals

Dr. Jonathan Rothbard, CEO, Chief Scientific Officer and co-founder of Katexco Pharmaceuticals, a medical cannabis biopharma company based in Palo Alto, California, is this week’s guest on The Green Rush. In addition to his work in the cannabis space, Dr. Rothbard works in the neurology department at Stanford University where he’s also worked in the departments of chemistry and rheumatology. Dr. Rothbard is also the founder of Amylin, which was eventually sold to Bristol-Myers Squibb.

Dr. Rothbard is spearheading the second generation of medical cannabis, where cannabinoids like CBD and THC will be synthesized in labs instead of extracted from plants grown on farms. His mission is to put CBD through clinical trials to prove scientifically that it can be an effective medical treatment in conjunction with other compounds and to patent those compounds and submit them to the FDA for approval as pharmaceuticals.

In addition to our regular hosts Lewis and Anne, we also has a special guest, KCSA colleague Caitlin Kasunich, join us for this week’s conversation.

For listeners interested in the growth of medicinal cannabis, science and the developing relationship between the traditional pharma space and cannabis, this interview is for you! So don’t sit back, lean forward and enjoy!  

Dr. Jonathan Rothbard, CEO, Chief Scientific Officer and co-founder of Katexco Pharmaceuticals

Dr. Jonathan Rothbard, PhD received his BA from Hamilton College (1973) and his PhD from Columbia with Ronald Breslow (1977). His post-doctoral fellowship was with Gerald Edelman at The Rockefeller University after which he was with Gary Schoolnik at Stanford University Medical School where he published the first of 26 manuscripts with Lawrence Steinman in 1986. Subsequently, he was head of the Molecular Immunology Laboratory at the Imperial Cancer Research Fund in London where he first collaborated with Prof. Sir Marc Feldman (1990). He left academia to help establish ImmuLogic in Palo Alto, and founding Amylin in San Diego. Amylin, which he founded in 1987, was a pharmaceuticals company engaged in the discovery, development and commercialization of drugs relating to diseases including obesity and diabetes. The success of Amylin led to another appointment at Stanford for Dr. Rothbard, followed by the founding of CellGate. Leaving CellGate, he returned to an appointment at Stanford, first in the department of chemistry, then rheumatology, and currently in neurology. Amylin was sold to Bristol-Myers Squibb in 2012 for $5.4 Billion USD.  

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This episode was hosted by Anne Donohoe and Lewis Goldberg of KCSA Strategic Communications with special guest Caitlin Kasunich.

Special thanks to our Producer Nick Opich and Program Director Shea Gunther at Marijuana Today

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