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Alan Brochstein, Founder of New Cannabis Ventures and the 420 Investor

Alan Brochstein, one of the most influential reporters/analysts covering the cannabis sector as the owner of New Cannabis Ventures and the 420 Investor.

Alan has played the role as the voice of the retail investors for his entire career.  He watches nearly all the public cannabis companies, reads every single filing, talks with management.  Plainly said, Alan knows as much if not more about the public cannabis markets than anyone around. He can be controversial, and has been known to speak his mind, bluntly, directly, and with no fear of pissing people off. Love him or not, everyone respects Alan Brochstein.

Our hosts will discuss with Alan the sad state of cannabis stocks and when may finally hit the bottom, his thoughts on different state regulations and their impact on operators, whether he believes 2020 will finally be the year the industry gets some relief from the federal government and what positive changes for industry he’s looking for in 2020.

Don’t sit back, lean forward and enjoy!

Alan Brochstein, Founder of New Cannabis Ventures 

Alan Brochstein, CFA, was the first investment professional to devote himself to sharing his observations about the cannabis industry from an investor’s perspective publicly. He runs 420 Investor, a subscription-based due diligence platform for investors interested in the publicly-traded cannabis stocks and is also the founder of New Cannabis Ventures, a content aggregation site focused on investors and entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry. Alan has worked in the securities industry since 1986, primarily with the responsibility for managing investments in institutional environments until he founded AB Analytical Services in 2007 in order to provide independent research and consulting to registered investment advisors. 

Alan launched www.420Investor.com in late 2013 as the premier source of information for “Green Rush” investors seeking to capitalize on the proliferation of legalized medical and recreational cannabis. In March 2014, Alan, who is a member of the National Cannabis Industry Association, began to focus solely on the cannabis sector. He launched www.NewCannabisVentures.com in late 2015. 

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This episode was hosted by Lewis Goldberg and Anne Donohoe of KCSA Strategic Communications.

Special thanks to our Executive Producer Nick Opich and Program Director Shea Gunther at Marijuana Today

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